Fundy Tides

Home of the World's Highest Tides

Walk the ocean floor, explore ancient rock formations, and seaside cliffs—all while experiencing Nova Scotia hospitality.

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Northumberland Shores

Red Sands. Soft Waves. Warm Waters.

The perfect destination for a family vacation, you’re sure to make memories on the beaches of the Northumberland Shore—Nova Scotia’s “Sunshine Coast.”

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Wentworth Valley

The Heart of Cumberland's Winter Wonderland

Nestled in Nova Scotia’s Appalachian Mountains, you can ski, hike and drive while experiencing the wonders of this magical Cumberland region.

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1Fundy Tides
2Northumberland Shores
3Wentworth Valley

Discover the Wonders Within Cumberland Region

Home to scenic views and unexpected indulgences, Cumberland Region of Nova Scotia is home to three distinct sub-regions—Fundy Tides, Wentworth Valley, and Northumberland Shores—each offering unique and rewarding experiences at every turn. Explore some of our featured destinations.

Explore Cumberland’s Regions