Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary


The Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary, located in Amherst Point in the Fundy Shore region, is a nationally protected habitat with an incredible ecosystem and seasonal home to many species of birds. (Approximately 228 species of birds have been identified.) One thousand hectares of marsh and forest combine to create this sanctuary with some eight kilometers of trails that wind through this diverse landscape to explore.   The sanctuary has a 2.5 km interpretive hiking trail around Layton’s Lake – the first half of the trail is predominantly open with a forrest of fir, aspen, yellow birch, spruce, white birch and red maple aging at least 300 years old.  The last portion of the trail offers a hillside view of the lake and a great picnic spot. The sanctuary is also a habitat for wildlife, such as the red squirrel, snowshoe hare and muskrat.  Enjoy hiking, bird and wildlife watching, and skiing.

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