Cumberland County Museum and Archives


Cumberland County Museum and Archives is located in Grove Cottage (c 1838), which was the family home of Senator R.B. Dickey, one of the four Fathers of Confederation who include Sir Charles Tupper, E.B. Chandler and Jonathan McCully. 

The Museum presents the natural and human history of Cumberland County with emphasis on its industrial and social history from prior to colonization and up to the early 20th century. Visitors can explore an art gallery; an extensive archives; a collection of genealogy material; and research room. 
The Museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens for visitors to enjoy. Other features include programs, exhibits, special events with historic themes and a gift shop. 
Cumberland County Museum and Archives is located in Amherst in the Northumberland Shore region. We are a member of the Cumberland County Heritage Network Society which consists of approximately 20 arts, cultural and heritage sites. Bus tours are welcome.