Fundy Geological Museum

The world’s highest tides break along the shores of the Bay of Fundy, eroding majestic sea cliffs to reveal half a billion years of natural history. Visit our museum and dinosaur exbibit gallery all year round! From May-October walk with experts from the Fundy Geological Museum through the region’s rich geological timeline to interpret and experience the incredible landscape you see today. The Parrsboro area contains internationally significant fossils, from Jurassic reptiles and dinosaurs to 300-million-year-old footprints of ancient amphibians and the world’s earliest reptiles. Parrsboro is famous for its gem and mineral treasures which are displayed throughout the museum’s exhibits.
Discoveries at the Fundy Geological Museum year-round
  • Exhibit Gallery: (on-site experience) Explore the museum’s exhibits of 200-million-year-old dinosaur skeletons, local gems and minerals, and an interactive Pangea time machine. The Fundy Geological Museum is home to the only Fossil Research Laboratory East of Montreal. Visitors can peer inside the working lab and interact with paleontologists actively researching and studying fossil specimens. The museum’s gallery includes exhibits featuring the area’s significant cultural and industrial history reflected and influenced by the region’s natural history. 
  • Museum Shop: (on-site experience) Visit the Museum Shop for locally made products from around the Maritimes. The Shop offers a line of STEM and educational toys, locally sourced preserves, gift items from local craft specialists, regional books, and Lortone tumblers and accessories for both the professional and the hobbyist. 
  • Walking Trail & Gardens: (on-site experience) The museum’s walking trail is centrally located in Parrsboro and maintained year-round. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the water’s edge. This habitat is home to Canadian Geese, Bald Eagles, waterfowl, and other species of birds and wildlife. The trail is dog-friendly (leashes are required) and accessible from Parrsboro’s Municipal Dog Park. 
Discoveries at the Fundy Geological Museum seasonally (May through October)
  • Guided Walking Beach Tours: (off-site experience) Join the Fundy Geological Museum experts on guided walking beach tours to local fossil and mineral sites, including Wasson Bluff – an active research dig site, East Bay Beach – where fossil trackways can be viewed in the sea cliffs, and Wa’so’q (Partridge Island) – to experience the unique bubbling tide phenomenon. Advanced booking is recommended, drop-ins are welcomed. 
  • Fossil Family Fun at Five Islands Provincial Park experience: (off-site experience) The ultimate family experience for those interested in science and exploring the outdoors! Discover the ocean floor at Five Islands Provincial Park alongside the museum’s paleontologists, while getting hands-on with fossil casting and much more. Advanced booking is required. 
  • Fossils on Horseback Overnight Getaway package: (off-site experience) Explore the coastline of the Minas Basin by horseback with expert equine trail guides, travelling back 200-million years ago to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Guests will visit an active, research dig site with Fundy Geological Museum experts. This one-of-kind-experience includes overnight accommodations and hospitality in Parrsboro. Advanced booking is required. 
  • Shoreline Sensations at Wa’so’q experience: (off-site experience) Suited for adult guests, Shoreline Sensations at Wa’so’q is a relaxing evening experience. Guests will explore Wa’so’q/Partridge Island with all their senses, savouring local tastes from the Wild Caraway Restaurant and travel through geological time and space with an expert interpreter from the Fundy Geological Museum. Advance booking required.
  • Outdoor Amphitheatre: (on-site experience) The outdoor amphitheatre is a shaded space with wheel-chair accessible picnic tables and tiered seating – a great spot to enjoy a picnic or simply take in the scenery. Visit the museum’s website for details on upcoming events in the amphitheatre. 
The Fundy Geological Museum is located within walking distance to Parrsboro’s Main Street, and amenities include accommodations, hospitality, and shopping. Parrsboro is a coastal village in the Southern region of Cumberland County, internationally known for its vibrant arts and culture community, historical shipbuilding ports, geological treasures, and dramatic ocean views. Parrsboro is the ideal place to experience the World’s Highest Tides. 
For directions to the Fundy Geological Museum from Halifax, Truro and/or Moncton, visit our website.