Fundy Geological Museum

Discover Canada’s oldest dinosaurs in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia!
In the Bay of Fundy the world’s highest tides erode the majestic sea cliffs to reveal half a billion years of geological history. The Fundy coasts contain internationally significant fossils, from Jurassic reptiles and dinosaurs to 300-million-year-old footprints of ancient amphibians. The Parrsboro area is also famous for its gems and minerals, including amethyst and agate gemstones.
Visit the Museum’s dynamic exhibit gallery to learn about the area’s Triassic and Jurassic landscapes where Canada’s oldest dinosaurs once roamed. Peer into the Fossil Research Lab to see museum staff cleaning and studying new fossils found in the Bay of Fundy region. Museum staff provide regular talks and guided tours of the gallery displays. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs and explore Nova Scotia’s ancient geologic past.
Special outdoor guided tours and experiences to local mineral and fossil sites are also offered (days and times vary). See website for more details and booking.