Fundy Treasures Tours

  • 30 Highway 242
    within The Joggins Visitor Information Centre
  • Dates: May 7, 2024 - October 30, 2024
  • 902-664-9697

  • Hours: Tours are available by appointment in the off-season.
Fundy Treasure Tours offers a variety of geological tours along the Bay of Fundy. Your guide, Brian Hebert, has been exploring Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy coastline most of his life and started giving his first fossil tours when he was only 12 years old. Brian grew up overlooking the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and could be found out on the beach nearly everyday searching for new discoveries. In fact, many of his discoveries are featured artifacts at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs Centre. 
Through taking part in our fossil discovery tours, we hope our guests gain a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving the fossil record found right here in Nova Scotia.
Our tours are primarily offered throughout the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark and Joggins UNESCO World Heritage Site which are both located along Nova Scotia’s northern Bay of Fundy coastline. There are over 40 significant geosites waiting to be explored. 
We also offer custom tours throughout the year at various locations and beaches. 
On our tours, guests will learn how to identify fossils and different kinds of gems and minerals. Near the Blomidon and Parrsboro areas, agate is a common discovery. It originated inside ancient cooled lava that formed over 200 million years ago. Agate is a semi-precious stone, Nova Scotia’s official gemstone, and is beautiful for making jewelry.
With our deep understanding of geological formations, including rock and mineral identification, we can provide a guided tour at any Nova Scotia beach or geosite. Let us know what you are interested in discovering and we can recommend a tour for you and your group!  
Testimonial: “Brian made fossil hunting come alive for our family this summer. Our 8 and 10 year old grandsons had a wonderful time and Brian’s tour was the highlight of their visit to Nova Scotia. We can’t wait to return for his rock and mineral tour!” – Visitor from Montague, PEI
Now offering virtual tours: We now offer virtual tours, so if you are interested in going on a live beach tour we would be happy to take you from the comfort of your home.
Please check our website for details, including tour schedules and pricing. Tours are also featured at the bottom of this listing by February of each new year. 
Joggins Fossil Tours
Explore the site of the world’s oldest fossil reptile!  Exciting new fossils are always waiting to be discovered!
  • Ocean Floor Fossil Tour: 1 hr
  • Fossil Forest Expedition: 3+ hrs
Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Tours
Discover a variety of unique crystals and minerals at the site of Canada’s earliest dinosaurs!
  • The Treasure Island Gem & Mineral Tour: 1 hr.
  • Crystals & Dinosaurs Tour: 3+ hrs.
Bay of Fundy Gemstone Tours
Search for a treasure trove of gemstones and learn how they formed in ancient lava flows along the Bay of Fundy shore.
  • Gemstones in the Rough Tour: 3+ hrs.
Unique Bay of Fundy Experiences
Hunt for semi-precious gemstones and help design one of your finds into a custom piece of jewelry.
  • Fundy Treasure Hunt – from Gemstones to Jewelry: 4+ hrs.