Shoreline Sensations at Wa'so'q


Geology meets gastronomy in this relaxing evening experience. Explore Wa’so’q/Partridge Island with all your senses, savouring local tastes from the Wild Caraway Restaurant and travelling through time with an expert from the Fundy Geological Museum.

The Experience… 

Walk the edge of the tide and immerse yourself in the sounds, tastes, and surprises at the heart of the Bay of Fundy. Discover the secrets of the island alongside expert geoscientists as you comb this scenic beach for mineral treasures. Explore the ever-changing shoreline with surprising tools, discover a variety of pebbles and plant life, and traverse the history of Wa’so’q, named by the Mi’kmaq to reflect this heaven on Earth. Experience the phenomenon of the ‘bubbling tide’ unique to Wa’so’q, and with the help of audio savant Aaron Collier, the sounds of your adventure will be forever in your grasp.

Wind down at the cozy and historic Ottawa House-By-the-Sea Museum while savouring one-of-a-kind drinks inspired and foraged in your surrounding landscape. Explore local tastes from the edge of the ocean crafted exclusively for you by the award-winning Wild Caraway Restaurant. This evening experience is perfect for couples and travellers staying in the area.